pantryRUN Project

Dec 29, 2017 17:00 pm

pantryRUN Project: Raise $5,000 by December 29, 2017 for the food pantry.

Level 1: Contribute $5
A donation of $5 shows your support and helps restock our pantry shelves.

Level 2: Contribute $20
A donation of $20 will give a student food for 6 meals.

Level 3: Contribute $50
A donation of $50 will feed a student for 5 days.

Level 4: Contribute $140
A donation of $140 will provide a student with 2 weeks of meals.

Level 5: Contribute $300
A donation of $300 will feed a student for a month.

There are many Rutgers University Newark students who skip meals because of lack of money.  A national survey that included RU-N found that 20-25% of college students skip meals because they can’t afford sufficient food to eat every day.  Students also use inexpensive, unhealthy food to help fill their plates.  Studies show inadequate food can compromise a student's ability to perform well in class.  Risk of hunger is higher for first generation students, students of color, working students and students receiving financial aid.  What this tells us is that the risk of hunger is highly prevalent among our own student body at RU-N.  We hope that, as the RU-N community learns more about the number of students struggling with food insecurity and the effect this has on their ability to graduate and succeed, we can all pull together to support the members of our learning community.

The majority of food on our pantry shelves comes through community food drives and donations.  pantryRUN volunteers, campus groups, departments and organizations coordinate food drives on our behalf.  However, with the growing number of students using the pantry we need financial donations to help fill the gaps and purchase additional groceries when our pantry shelves run low.  Your donations will allow us to keep the pantry shelves stocked with nutritious food, will help decrease hunger on campus and will make life a little easier for struggling students.