Insurance and Eligibility

Health Services Eligibility

All currently enrolled/registered Rutgers University-Newark students are welcome to visit the Student Health Services-Newark. Please confirm attendance with the RU-Newark Business Office in person or website. Find out if you are eligible.

Cost and charge coverage of the visit, laboratory testing and procedures will be based on student status (full-time or part-time), domestic or international, school or program,and student health insurance (enrolled or waived). Most students are eligible without cost or charge. 

Eligibility ends when the student is no longer registered (for example a student graduates, drops out of school, or takes a semester off). 

For students of other Rutgers University campuses (such as New Brunswick, Health Science (formerlyUMDNJ), Camden), click here to find your designated health center.

For the Rutgers University-Newark Counseling Center, click here.