Patient's Rights

As a client, you have the RIGHT to:

  1. Receive considerate, respectful and dignified care at Rutgers University-Newark Health Services, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, disabilities, country of origin, language or religious beliefs.
  2. Know the names and titles of people involved in your care as designated by ID badges, personal introductions, and professional cards
  3. An explanation of your evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in terms you can understand. If you are unable to comprehend medical information, the information will be made available to a person designated or authorized by you or on your behalf.
  4. A complete and thorough examination by the health care provider, including appropriate assessment and effective management.
  5. Receive the information necessary to participate in decisions about your care and to give your informed consent before and diagnostic or therapeutic procedure will be performed.
  6. Refuse treatment, except as prohibited by law, and to be informed of the consequences of making this decision.
  7. Provide us with advanced healthcare directives.
  8. Obtain credentials of your medical provider. Request a change of medical provider. Request a second medical opinion prior to any procedure.
  9. Request that health care information be communicated in your native language via a translator or another resource.
  10. Request that a chaperone be present during your exam.
  11. Request copies and review your medical records created and maintained by the Rutgers University-Newark Health Services.
  12. Expect that your personal privacy will be respected and protected by all staff at the Rutgers University-Newark Health Services. Expect that your medical records at Rutgers University-Newark Health Services are kept strictly confidential. Specific provisions concerning the confidentiality of your health information as well as use and disclosure of your health information is set forth in Rutgers University-Newark Health Services Notice of Privacy Practices and related documents.
  13. Receive an explanation of any research or experimental procedure proposed for treatment, and the opportunity to give your informed consent before any procedure will begin.
  14. Receive an explanation of any charges that may be made by the Rutgers University-Newark Health Services, even though they may be covered by insurance. You have the right to register complaints regarding your care with the clinician and/or administration, and to switch providers if you wish.


Last revised: June 14, 2018