Meningococcal Disease Update From Rutgers University, CDC, and NJDOH

Jun 3, 2016

Two cases of Meningitis B disease in Rutgers University–New Brunswick students were diagnosed, treated, and resolved during the spring 2016 semester. No additional cases of Meningitis B have occurred since then.

The New Jersey Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control has evaluated this outbreak, and recommended that Rutgers University–New Brunswick students, including all undergraduates, graduates living in undergraduate dormitories, and other student, faculty or staff at risk for meningococcal disease due to an underlying medical condition or occupation, should be vaccinated with Trumenba vaccine (3 doses – at 0, 1, and 6 month intervals). Read the latest Rutgers-New Brunswick Health Advisory – Serogroup B Meningococcal Disease update on June 1, 2016.

This recommendation does NOT apply to Rutgers University students on other campuses – including Newark and Camden.

However, Rutgers University-Newark students taking summer classes in New Brunswick are recommended to receive the vaccine if they live in the New Brunswick dormitory or campus, involved in the social life in the NB campus area or have any medical conditions that would put them at risk for meningococcal disease. Any student who wishes to discuss their specific concerns ought to speak with a medical professional. The RU-N Health Services staff is available at 973-353-5231 or 973-353-5232. Alternatively, students may contact their primary care physician for guidance.

The Trumenba vaccine can be obtained at RU-Newark Health Services and the cost may be covered by the Rutgers student health insurance plan for eligible students.

Best preventive measures against Meningitis B infection include proper respiratory hygiene (the use of tissues, cough into sleeve, not sharing food or utensils) and proper hand washing with soap or hand sanitizer as needed. Prompt attention to possible signs and symptoms of meningitis can result in early diagnosis and better outcomes.

For detailed information regarding Meningitis B, please see the following: