February 22-28 is Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Feb 20, 2015

The goal of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is to put the spotlight on the seriousness of eating disorders and to improve public understanding of their causes, triggers and treatments. By increasing awareness and access to resources, we can encourage early detection and intervention, which can improve the likelihood of full recovery for millions.

This year the National Eating Disorders Association is focusing on the importance of early intervention and recognizing the diverse experiences of people personally affected by disordered eating. Too often, signs and symptoms are overlooked as insignificant behaviors when in fact many of these are early warning signs of eating disorders.

Health Promotion Division is doing an outreach event:

  • Student Street
  • Wednesday February 25, 2015
  • Free Period (2:30pm – 3:50pm)

Rutgers University Health Services in Newark provides services such as physical exam, laboratory testing, screening, counseling on nutrition and referral to Counseling Services.

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