Our Services

The Rutgers University Student Health Service in Newark has the responsibility of keeping this campus healthy and safe.

Board Certified Doctors and Nurse Practitioners as well as a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, Pharmacists, Health Technicians and Health Educators, are available to serve the needs of the campus community. 

RUHS-Newark is re-accreditated by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare Centers (AAAHC) from April, 2016 to April 16, 2019. The summary report was glowing in every facet of our work. Accreditation by AAAHC is prestigious and requires exacting standards of excellence. Accreditation is not required, and less than 25% of American Universities achieve this status.

RUHS-Newark provides access within the Health Services facility for patients with mobility disabilities using wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches. Service for ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter can be requested for the hearing impaired.

Students can request exchange of information be communicated in their native or preferred language using a phone language interpreter service.

RUHS-Newark provides a safe and welcoming environment regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, country of origin, language, or immigration status.

Hours of Operation and Closure

Student Health Services-Newark is open Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM.

It is closed nights and weekends. It is also closed during University-scheduled holidays. Health Services is also affected by the Rutgers University Newark-campus closings, class cancellations, and delayed openings (e.g. weather emergencies).

Make an Appoinment

The Student Health Services provides Medical Care, Immunization, Women's Health, Men's Health, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Sexual Assault, Health Education and Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Smoking cessation Counseling. With a scheduled appoinment, students get to see the clinician of their choice, with minimal waiting and sufficient time for a medical evaluation.

We encourage all students to make use of the health facility (please refer to our Eligibility section regarding access). Visit our Student Health Insurance section to learn more about the current student health insurance plan.

Walk-in Hours

Walk-in (Monday-Friday 12PM-1:30PM)  is best used for cases of acute illnesses when an appointment has not been made in advance. These visits are allotted 15 minute segments and may require waiting time.   Patients are seen by whoever is on duty, on a first-come, first-served basis, unless there is an urgent need to see someone out of sequence.

To avoid waiting time or request your preferred provider, take advantage of our appoinment scheduling. Appointments which are allotted time appropriately can often be scheduled within the same week. Same-day or next-day appointments are sometimes available.

Patients needing follow up care or refills of medications are best followed by their primary provider and should make a scheduled appoinment.

24-hour Nurse Answering line

Need after hours medical advice? Call our 24-hour nurse answering line at 866-221-9674. They cannot prescribe medication or schedule appointments, but they can give you helpful advice regarding self-care and recommend urgent medical attention as needed. We receive a report regarding your transaction on the following workday, and urge you to return for follow up.

Emergency Care

Rutgers Newark Student Health Service is NOT an emergency room. Life-threatening emergencies are best handled at an emergency facility. Call 911 for emergency transport or go directly to the emergency room. Some examples of emergencies include loss of consciousness, seizures, difficulty breathing, chest pain, heart attack or stroke symptoms, sudden partial or complete blindness, inability to communicate clearly.

Students presenting to the health center with an acute problem, needing immediate attention will be triaged, assessed and managed accordingly or transferred (usually via ambulance) to the nearest emergency room if necessary.

Dental and Vision Care

Student Health Services do not provide Dental or Vision services. Students can purchase the optional Dental and Vision insurance plans.

To avail the services of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine click here.

Psychological Services

Psychological and Psychiatric Services, as well as a comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program are provided by the Rutgers University-Newark Counseling Center.

Employee Work-related Injury or illness

Rutgers University Occupational Health Department provides services for work-related injury or illness to Rutgers faculty and staff.

Rutgers University Student Health Services-Newark does not provide routine or non-urgent personal medical services to staff or faculty employees. In the event of a medical urgency or emergency, any employee who comes to the Health Services will be triaged, initiallly assessed and stabilized, and transported to the nearest urgent or Emergency Room facility via ambulance as needed. For occupational-related injury or illness, the employee will be referred to the Rutgers University Occupational Health Department.


General Administrative Questions & Answers

  1. Health Services closed

If the health center is closed, and the problem is a life-threatening emergency, or needs immediate attention, call 911 for emergency medical transport or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

For non-emergency matters, students may contact our after-hours 24-hour Nurse Answering Line at 866-221-9674 for answers to medical questions and professional advice regarding the next "best steps" for a medical problem. Students are urged to return to the health center on our next working day for follow up care, or for evaluation if their problem has not resolved. The health center receives a report about every patient contact with the nurse answering line on the following morning.

  1. Costs, charges and payments

If a student is eligible, there is no cost to the visit. However cost of vaccination, laboratory testing and procedures will be based on student status (full-time or part-time), school or program, and  student health insurance  (enrolled or waived). Read the Insurance and Eligibility Section.

  1. Emergency room, specialist consultation and x-ray costs

The Rutgers University Health Services in Newark is NOT an emergency room facility. It also does not have radiological or specialty services.

Emergency room visit, specialist (e.g. cardiologist) consultation and radiological (e.g. x-rays) referral costs are covered according to the benefits described in the Student’s insurance policy. Please read carefully.

If you waived the student health insurance, please call your own insurance company regarding coverage policy.

  1. Medical excusal from class in case of absence

Health Center staff, in general, does not write medical notes excusing a student absence from class. Obviously, we cannot provide retroactive medical determinations if a student presents after the fact.

However, if a student comes to the health center and is diagnosed with a significant illness requiring bed rest, emergency room visit, hospitalization, evidence of a disabling condition (eg. a fracture), or an infection requiring isolation to protect the community (eg. tuberculosis, chicken pox or flu), the staff will provide a note to the student, containing medical instructions. It is the Dean's academic decision to determine how to handle the student’s absence.

  1. Chaperone

Students may request a chaperone, someone of their own choosing, or one of the health center staff members, to accompany them at the visit.

  1. Translation & American Sign Language services

Students can request exchange of information be communicated in their native or preferred language using the Health Services staff (for French, Spanish, Tagalog) or a phone language interpreter service for any language.

Service for ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter can be requested for the hearing impaired. 

  1. Confidentiality and privacy

Patients should expect confidentiality of their private medical records, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and privacy policies within the health center. All staff members of health services are required to sign a statement of confidentiality upon being hired, and are trained regarding HIPAA laws.

Notice of Privacy Practices

  1. Release of information

Health Services-Newark needs the student's permission to release protected medical health information to others. Students can do so by signing a Release of Information Form. However, there are exemptions to this rule such as in the occurrence of a medical emergency, reporting of communicable diseases as required under NJ Public Health statutes, or in response to a subpoena or court order. Some of the reportable communicable diseases include but not limited to sexually transmitted infections (such as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis), hepatitis A, B and C, tuberculosis, chickenpox, others.