Payment Coverage

Full-time students enrolled in the student insurance plan

Full-time students covered by student insurance pay no out-of pocket expenses for routine immunizations including vaccine costs or visit/procedural fees. These costs are covered through direct billing to the insurance company.

Blood titers for immunity status are paid at time of visit by the student. The cost is eligible for full or partial reimbursement by the student insurance, upon submission of a paid receipt and claim form. There is no cost for TB skin testing.

For travel vaccines and medications please contact the student insurance for benefits.

Full-time students who waived the student insurance plan and Part-time students

The student is responsible for the cost of the vaccines, blood tests for immunity status (titiers) and TB skin testing. The student can request a paid receipt and claim form, which can be applied for reimbursement by their insurance company. Call your private health insurance regarding reimbursements of these costs.