Laboratory Services

The Rutgers University Student Health Services offers a laboratory service where the student can have a number of diagnostic testing performed. Bloods are drawn by a Quest phlebotomist, Mon-Tues-Thurs 9:00 - 11:45AM or by a nurse at other times.

Laboratory Services Questions & Answers

  1. Range of testing and fees

Students can have a range of diagnostic tests performed. Routine laboratory tests such as complete blood counts, complete metabolic panels (glucose, liver, kidney tests), lipid/cholesterol profiles and urine tests are ordered with physical examinations. Throat and other cultures, sickle cell, pregnancy, HIV testing and STD screening are offered when medically applicable.

Those who have the student insurance will have their routine labs covered. Students who have waived the student insurance will pay for the cost of the labs. However, most routine and STD testing are low cost.

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your laboratory needs and fees, and to inspect our fee schedule. Make an appointment.

  1. Certification

The laboratory is certified by the State of New Jersey and is also a Sentinel site for influenza testing.

  1. Infection control

The laboratory area and clinical spaces are maintained according to OSHA standards and CDC guidelines. The health clinic is also inspected annually by REHS and every three years by the AAAHC inspector. Ā Rutgers University Health Center is accredited by AAAHC (see About us).