Men's Health

The Men's health service offers comprehensive health care with special attention to the unique health needs of men of all ages, races, cultures or sexual orientations. The physical exam includes a clinical component, laboratory testing such as glucose (diabetes), lipid profile, HIV, STD tests where indicated.  Concerns regarding male genitalia and sexual functioning, and risks for sexually transmitted diseases are addressed.

There is a health education component in which preventive care – especially condom use, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol counseling - is emphasized.

Men's Health Q&A

  1. Male exam

For a routine male exam, patients should schedule an appointment with a health provider of their choice. This evaluation focuses on detection of sexually transmitted diseases, hernias and testicular cancer screening. Complaints such as groin, anal or testicular pains, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation are addressed. Make an appointment.

  1. Costs for testing

Recommended testing is covered for students with the student health insurance plan. However, full-time students who have waived the insurance or part-time students who have not purchased the insurance are assessed fees for laboratory tests and immunizations.

  1. HPV vaccine for men

All men are recommended to have HPV vaccine, a three-part vaccine series, to protect against HPV infection causing warts (genital, anal) and cancer (genital, throat or anal). This vaccine is recommended by CDC for boys from age 11 to age 26. The cost is covered by the student health insurance. Alternatively, students who have waived the insurance can pay directly, and utilize receipt and claim forms for reimbursement.

  1. Sexual assault of men

Men are also sexual assault victims at times, and they are even more unlikely to report sexual assault. The deleterious effects of sexual assault in men is as serious as it is in women, and needs to be handled sensitively as described in the Sexual Assault Medical Services website. Management may include prophylaxis against STD and HIV.