Occupational Health Department

Rutgers University Occupational Health Department, comprised of caring health professionals, provides services for work-related injury or illness to Rutgers faculty and staff. It also provides medical surveillance and screening for specialized types of work such as animal workers, healthcare workers, commercial drivers, etc.

Rutgers University Student Health Services-Newark does not provide routine or non-urgent personal medical services to staff or faculty employees. In the event of a medical urgency or emergency, any employee who comes to the Health Services will be triaged, initiallly assessed and stabilized, and transported to the nearest urgent or Emergency Room facility via ambulance as needed. For occupational-related injury or illness, the employee will be referred to the Rutgers University Occupational Health Department.

For the Rutgers University Occupational Health Department:

  • Employee work-related injury or illness
  • 11 Bishop Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
  • 848-932-8254