Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, formerly known as the New Jersey Dental School of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey prior to the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act, is considered to be among the top dental schools in the country. The school was first established as part of the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry, admitting its first students in 1956.  It was the first successful program in dental education to be established in New Jersey and is now the state's major resource for dental education, patient care and research.

RSDM provides a full range of dental services and, in the process, trains students to become dentists or dental specialists. The pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students are closely overseen by a well-credentialed faculty. 

Rutgers-Newark students get significantly discounted rates (comparable to Medicaid reimbursement rate) that are much lower than private practices.

To become a patient at RSDM click here and ask about discounted payments for Rutgers students and the required five-point proof of identification. Bring one primary document, one secondary document, and a proof of address. 

  • A primary document may include a NJ driver’s license or a NJ-issued photo ID (4 points).
  • A secondary document may include a photo driver’s license from another state or country, a valid major US credit card, a US-issued health insurance card (1point), or a US school photo ID (2 points).
  • Proof of address may include a utility or credit card bill, checking or savings account statement containing the address.


RSDM information:

  • Telephone: (973) 972-4242
  • Website:
  • Directions: 50 12th Street, Newark, NJ. It is 0.9 mile from the Newark Campus (about 20 minute-walk or 10 minute-free Rutgers shuttle bus ride).