Intelectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness encourages students to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world through exploration of new skills, environments, cultures, ideas and experiences.  It requires nurturing your curiosity, being open to new ideas, developing a desire to learn, sharing ideas and valuing ideas of others while continuing to be thoughtful, critical and willing to challenge the status quo.  Intellectual wellness can be developed through active participation in the many academic, cultural and community activities available at RU-N.


  • Determination
  • Curiosity
  • Understanding
  • Critical Thinking
  • Exploration
  • Creativity

Corresponding Events

For the latest Health & Wellness-related events, follow us @weRwellness.

Tips to enhance Intellectual Wellness

-Dialogue with professors
-Visit the Dana Library
-Start a book club
-Engage in vibrant, stimulating discussions with peers and staff
-Challenge your thinking
-Stay engaged with current events and global trends
-Develop better study skills and techniques - visit the LRC
-Visit CDC and begin to explore opportunities for your future such as internships and job training