Multicultural Wellness

Multicultural wellness acknowledges that diversity is only the first step to individual success and a strong, healthy community.  How we truly appreciate our diversity and leverage our differences optimizes our success. Intersectional identities such as race, sexual identity, gender identity, age, ability status, ethnicity, religion, etc must be explored. When we fully engage with difference, we are able  to clarify our values and challenge assumptions and appreciate of our diversity - then only are we able to rise up in our difference and benefit from our richly diverse community.


  • Respect
  • Open-mindedness and communication
  • Understanding of one’s own culture (this can include any social group membership – race, ethnicity, ability status,
  • SES, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, etc…)
  • Self-awareness of own biases/privilege
  • Cultural pluralism – intercultural dialogues
  • Finding common ground
  • Safe spaces for inclusion and exploration (Leaving the Comfort Zone)
  • Aiming for acceptance, not tolerance
  • Becoming ally/advocate
  • Reducing health disparities

Corresponding Events

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Tips to enhance Multicultural Wellness  

-Actively engage and develop relationships with people from different backgrounds
-Participate in organizations, events and classes, including classroom discussions, that focus on diversity
-Be willing to explore your own bias, privilege, and identity
-Learn about your own intersecting identities and respectfully learn about those around you