Physical Wellness

Physical wellness involves taking good care of your physical body and taking personal responsibility for your own health care. The path to physical wellness involves many elements that must be cared for to promote optimal health and functioning. Awareness of your physical well-being enables you to monitor your body’s warning signs and to seek medical care. Be aware of your own limitations, learn how to minimize risks, and take preventive measures. A healthy physical body is also beneficial for other aspect of your overall well-being including your intellectual, social, and mental wellness. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind.


  • Self-care
  • Exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Responsibility
  • Relaxation
  • Prevention

Corresponding Events

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Tips to enhance Physical Wellness

-Regular physical examinations
-Screening tests and vaccinations
-Seeking professional medical attention for illnesses and accidents
-Regular exercise
-Safe sexual practices (women's health & men's health)
-Balanced diet of healthy food
-Abstaining from smoking and recreational drug use
-Responsible alcohol use
-Proactive stress management
-Sleep hygiene