Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness involves exploration of your sense of morality while developing purpose and meaning in your life despite circumstances. For some this may mean strengthening their relationship with a higher power but for others, this may be about finding a sense of inner peace and acceptance. Accepting the complexity of life, with all its joys, marvels, hardships, and hurts, allows us to form a deeper understanding of ourselves within a larger community. Wellness of the spirit helps us to survive and succeed, even in the face of difficulty.


  • Self reflection
  • Relaxation
  • Finding Meaning
  • Stress Management
  • Cultivate Coping Abilities
  • Support system
  • Purpose driven
  • Integrity

Corresponding Events/Resources

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Tips to enhance Spiritual Wellness

-Make time for practices that enhance your spirituality
-Join the RUN mindfulness meditation group
-Discuss and discover your sense of purpose
-Join a spiritual community