Rutgers-Newark Health Services Secure Patient Portal

If you have an existing username, please log-in using your username and password. 

Log-in using your NETID.

Log-in using an existing Patient Portal username.

NOTE: This is NOT the student health insurance plan account log-in.

About Secure Patient Portal

Rutgers University-Newark Health Services uses an Electronic Medical Record system that enables confidential communication between you and your medical provider via a Secure Patient Portal.

  1. Receive secure messages
    • Laboratory results
    • Reminders for follow-up
  2. Update your contact information
  3. View your scheduled clinic appointment

How to Log-in using NETID

  1. Simply use your Rutgers NETID and password.

How to Log-in by Registering & Creating a Usernname

  1. You will need to have the following in your Rutgers University Student database:
    • Rutgers ID number (xxx00xxxx; no spaces, hyphens, or dashes)
    • Valid Email address (Rutgers email address is usually the default address; exact letters as it appears on record)
  2. Go to the Secure Patient Portal Log-in website.
  3. Register if you have not done so.
    • Click “Register”
    • Create a user name.
    • Fill in RU ID number, Email, First name, Last name then submit.
    • The temporary password is your RU ID number (no spaces, hyphens, or dashes).
  4. After successfully registering, you will receive an email containing a new generated password. You will log-in using your user name and the new password.
  5. You will then be prompted to change and create your own unique password.

Having Problem Getting into the Secure Patient Portal

If you have registered in the past and forgot your Patient Portal password, click “Email my Password”.

If you forgot your Patient Portal user name, you will need to register again.

If you have any problem logging-in, please contact us.