Interpersonal Violence

An abusive relationship can involve persons of any race, class, age, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Dating violence is caused when abusers manipulate their partner(s) to gain control and power. Although drugs and stress may worsen the abuse, it is NOT the cause. Besides physical violence, abusers more often use threats, intimidation, and isolation from friends or family to control their partners. Perpetrators find any reason to intimidatetheir partner(s), and believe they have the right to control. They may not even see their behaviors as abuse. The victim is seen as less than equal to themselves. The victim is NEVER responsible for the abuser's actions.

For more information, open or download "Is Your Relationship Healthy?" brochure.

Interpersonal Violence Questions & Answers

  1. What should I do if I am the victim of a crime?

Any crime should be reported immediately to the Rutgers Campus Police. If you are on campus, police can be reached at 973-353-5581 (x5581). If off campus, dial 911 for immediate attention. Rutgers University Crime Victim Assistance counseling is available for confidential counseling regarding personal and legal matters. Our counselor can assist in making referrals and accompany you to court and hearings as needed. Medical staff can assist in your medical care, if needed.  Call the Newark Health Center 973-353-5231.